45E11DCB-B5AE-485A-99D6-7BF9FFC994D4.jpegNecrosis" is a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells in living tissue by autolysis. In this work, the title "Necrosis" is a metaphor of  the situation when parts had been killed inside of us by society, and the self image is deformed.

There are many motives behind this project, and it is derived from the daily life of Ola in her village, in a society that may be undergoing a transition from a patriarchal  society to more equal society ,nevertheless women are still forced to "become a women", wives, sexual objects, mothers , And housewives that the  society has killed a part of them.

 The artist uses painting as a traditional way to mimic the contemporary art language. The discourse of the work was not systematic. Sometimes depending on the artists instincts, and other times relying on research. She began working with oil paint and then moved to ballpoint pen  which she has an intimate daily connection with.  And then deform the ideal image by a layer of golden oil color. Unlike ink which allows light through, golden mask reflects light which allows the audience to see their reflection inside the painting and relates with the artworks.

Currently, the golden mask is marketed as a cosmetic product that revitalize the skin. It had been linked in previous cultures to death. So women appear to be alive but look like dead,  do not live as they wanted, have killed their dreams and desires.