The Story Of The Labaneh Ball

Oil colors, 2015

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Blue Pigment

Mixed media( ballpointpen,and deodorant) ,2016

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Facial Treatment

Oil colors, 2017

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WatsApp images

WatsApp images, oil on canvas 2015, 30*40 cm

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The Missing Part

The Missing Part , oil on canvas 2016 , 40*60cm


2028, mixed media (ballpoint , oil color and tipex),

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Silent Voice

Glass jar, labaneh ball and olives oil,2015, 18*18*20cm


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Ola Zaitoun
Born in 1988, lives and works at Cana of Galilee.
In 2017 She finished M.A Fine Arts at Haifa University. In 2012 She finished B.A of Psychology and multidisciplinary studies, which has affected her career to reveal difficult psychological issues in a humoristic way.
She paints in an abstract realistic style, which combines between conceptual arts and figurative design.
Her works show a different perspective on the status of the Arab woman living within a patriarchal society in modern times.
She was influenced by the renaissance artists and the expressionism artists.  
She has been nominated for the Young Artist of the Year Award 2018,
 In 2016 she was awarded form HECHT Museum.
Ola Zaitoun

2018 Academic retraining for art education at Beitberl collage
2017 M.A fine arts at Haifa Universiy
2012 B.A Psychology and Multidisciplinary studies at Haifa University

Solo Exhibition
2021 Braces ,A BridgeTo My Mother, Al Markex contemporary art gallery

GRoup Exhibition
2021,  Portrait, Artists House , Tel Aviv 
2021 ,Mediterranean Bianal, Haifa 
2020 m, Composite Barker, Al Markez contemporary art gallery , Jerusalem  
2020,The Gift Exhibition, Al Maaamal foundation, Jerusalem
2020, Ramallah Art Fair, gallery Zawya, Ramallah
2020,Art & Present, Kalil Al Sakakini center , Ramallah
2020,  Weed Control,  Qattan foundation, Ramallah 
2019, About Hair And Bathing/ Variations, Artists House, Tel Aviv  
2019, GuardiansOf Our Eternal Flame
2019, Art Exhibition, The French Institut, Ramallah
2019, New Creators, Al Ma’mal foundation,Jerusalem
2019 , Local , Al Markaz contemporary art gallery, Jerusalem
2018 Pain and Well ,Al kathrinafoundation ,Moscow
2018 Landings And Takeoffs, Gate 3, Haifa
2018 Bread And Roses , Sadnaot Haomanim , Tel Aviv
2018 12Plus1, Um El Fahem Art Gallery
2018 we Shall Be Monesters , qattan foundation in Ramalla
2018 Her Story , Artist table
2018 Pyramida Platform, Pyramida center for contemporary art in Haifa
2018 Fresh Paint art fair in Tel Aviv
2018 Every Thing Is Possible , Hechal Shlomo museum in Jerusalem
2017 MFA Exhibition, the Dr. Hecht Art Center,Haifa University
2017 Outstanding Exhibition, Hecht museum in Haifa
2016 Haif’s Art Fair
2016 The Impossible , Shefaram
2016 Art Natura, Limner Gallery in New York
2015 The Gift , Almamal foundation in

2019, Al Ma’amal Foundation For Contemporary Art